Prime Minister accused of “gambling with Britain’s security”

The EU is preparing to disconnect the UK from key crime-fighting databases in the case of a disorderly hard Brexit, it was revealed today. This comes after Theresa May threatened to use security as a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations and has said that “no deal would be better than a bad deal.”

Liberal Democrat MP and senior member of the Brexit Committee Alistair Carmichael commented: “The seamless sharing of information across the EU is absolutely vital in the fight against serious crime and terrorism. As a former Home Secretary, Theresa May should know this better than anyone else. But instead of securing access to vital crime-fighting measures, our Prime Minister is gambling with Britain’s security by threatening to crash out of the EU without a deal. Britain has led the way on European security cooperation in the past, we must continue to do so in future.”


About Joan Tebbutt

Joan is a Morpeth Town Councillor representing Morpeth Kirkhill, and previously represented the area on Castle Morpeth Borough Council and the County Council before it became a Unitary Authority. She has been a school governor for 14 years and is Chair of Governors at Morpeth County First School (Goosehill). A former Mayor of Morpeth (2013/14) she is Chair of Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Chair of the Town Council's Planning and transport Committee.
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