Local Liberal Democrats – Where do we go from here?

It has been a turbulent few weeks in both national and local politics to put it mildly! By way of a brief recap in Wansbeck we did not win any county council seats but won five seats on Morpeth Town Council and in the General Election our candidate Joan Tebbutt came third with 4.75% of the vote and sadly we lost our deposit. It has therefore not been a very good time for us locally and the General Election results nationally were very mixed and we also now have a pending leadership contest.

We (the Liberal Democrats) both locally and nationally therefore need to start a discussion –

Where do we go from here?

To kick start this I recommend reading two articles from the Lib Dem peer Lord Tony Greaves:

Part 1 ‘Where we are?’


Part 2 ‘What we do about it?’


This is a time and opportunity for everyone who is a either a member or supporter of the Lib Dems (or, indeed a former member or supporter!) to have a say on where we go from here. Please post’ your thoughts/opinions either specifically referring to the above articles or otherwise.

I hope you will be able to contribute to the discussion and please, if you have not already done so sign up as a ‘follower’ of the blog in order to automatically receive updates and new posts.

Thank you.

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